Adwords PPC North Devon

Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC) can be a rather delicate avenue to go down, yet can bring your business fantastic results if you know how to walk the path…

The most commonly know approach to Adwords is, yes you guessed it, via Google!

So what is PPC?

In it’s most basic form, you the business owner, can bid or set a maximum price to have your specific product or service displayed on the search results pages of Google.

That’s it!

You of course hope that your business listing will then attract customers and sales to your website.

In practice PPC is an extremely complex beast that unless handled correctly can and will be a means for you to waste your advertising budget. Not because it’s a waste of money, quite the contrary in fact, but because unless you monitor and maintain your campaigns carefully then you could simply be winning listings that have no positive or direct impact upon your business. Get it right though and watch your business grow…

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