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Unless you have lived in a cave for the past ten years or so then you can barely have helped to not notice the massive influence that Smart Phones and Tablet devices have had upon our modern world. Admit it, virtually every man and his dog knows what an iPad is, right?

Well we enjoy making our websites ‘Responsive’ and ‘Mobile Friendly’.

What does that mean?

We can enhance your website design by making it respond accordingly dependent on what sized device (screen) your potential customer is viewing it on. This makes for a more enjoyable user experience for your customer, giving your site more opportunity to entice them to do business with you.


Absolutely! Picture this, you are searching on your smart phone for a local service or perhaps a shop while in town. You find two sites providing exactly what it is you are looking to purchase. One site, is Mobile Responsive, it gives you, the reader, a clear and concise page of information.

The other site is non-responsive, shall we say old fashioned? You have to swipe around, zoom in, zoom out, perhaps even struggle to find the information you were searching for on the old fashioned site.

Which site do you think a purchaser will return to…?

Yes, your Mobile Friendly and Responsive site of course, so you should prepare yourself for yet another customer. Poor you.

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